Montrouch Organic

Montrouch Organic

Hi from the Domaine de Montrouch,  we are a small organic aromatic herb farm in the High Corbieres region of the Aude, a department in the Languedoc Roussillon, deep in the South of France.


We grow a wide range of aromatic and medicinal herbs, some flowers and some allotment plants- all are 100% organic. Our passion is  Mediterranean plants but we keep experimenting and are slowly building up a wide and deep range of aromatics from around the world.

You can find us on Saturday mornings in the organic market in Narbonne, Place de la Forum 7am – 12.30, and also on Saturdays in the central market in Perpignan, Place de la Republique, 7am – 13.30.

We also do Lezignan Corbieres market every Wednesday 7am- 12.30.

I post up all the special organic and flower markets we are doing in the region on our Calendar.

We live off grid, which can be interesting in winter.


But just so you know that we are not greener than thou Caroline does love Big Red, her Defender 110

Big Red Defender

This website is a work in progress, not unlike our farm so please check back regularly to find our latest news

All the best

Caroline Coles and Pete Shield

Domaine de Montrouch, 11330 Maisons, France

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  1. Lorena

    Thanks for the comment and link, Stephanie. I was wonedring why all the sites I got from my searches ended up in this region. Now I know. A quick (and bad) translation of what you sent: Carasses are rafts in Occitan, so presumably you won’t find this street name anywhere outside Languedoc. The profession might have started as long ago as the 13th century, and involved hauling lumber (and other things?) down the rivers to either the sea, or the Canal du Midi (after the 17th century). The profession died out in the 19th century, with the introduction of the train.Gerry

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