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Organic Plants in March

wtplants-150x150Judging by the plants, and not by the weather, it is mid March and Spring is finally showing signs of arriving here at Montrouch Organics. Even before the Spring Equinox on the 20th March when we finally get 12 hours of day light the plants are starting to establish themselves.



Open to the Sky

Organic TarragonLast week I noticed the pulled the organic Tarragon mother plants were beginning to regrow so they got gently to pieces and replanted- already they are shooting up – so no need for them to go down to the poly tunnel.

Bergamot Mint

The organic Pepper Mints, Moroccan Mints,  Spear Mints and Bergamot Mints all started appearing in the first week of March and now have all been re-potted into their final pot sizes and the work has begun on the separating out the mother plants. The Chocolate mint is showing signs of life as is the Mint Longifolia- a few more weeks of growth for them before they are ready for separating. The one mint that is a little slow is the Strawberry mint, but even that is showing signs of life.

The  sarriette  is bursting into life and the new mother plants I planted last November in the bank by the terrace are throwing out major shoots that need to be cut and dug up. The Lemon Thyme is starting to re-shoot in the garden, as is the hyssop. In a week or so they will be ready for taking cuttings.

In the Poly Tunnel 

springinthepolytunnelMarch arrived and suddenly everything started growing, in February we could count on the corianders germinating- they have been an all winter success-and we had a fair few Sages, Chives, and Parsley pushing through. The really cool result was the dill in February, while the camomile has been a bit patchy.


In February we planted our first organic tomatoes, a 140 Coeur de Boeff Rouge, 105 Marmande, 15 St Pierre, 15 Moneymakers, 105 Romas, and 105 Miel du Mexiques. We also put in 70 pots of  Basilic Genovese, 70 Basilic Thai 35 Basilic Marseillais, and some Syrian Marjolaine,  All have now germinated.

It is now the 18th March and so far this month we have planted in the Poly tunnel


TOMATE Andine Cornue70 Noir de Crimee, 170 Berner Rose, 70 Valencia, 100 Petite Coeur de Boeufs, 100 German Red Strawberry,100 St Pierre, 100 Andine Cornue and 100 Principe Bourghese.




106 Long Anglais, 82 Marketmores, and 35 Cornichon Petite Vert de Paris.


117 Black Beauty and 50 Vert du Milan


100 Tres Longes des Landes and 50 Doux d’Espagne


Graine bio BASILIC Rouge Osmin 70 pots of Frand Feuille, 35 Osmin Rouge, 35 Greeks, 70 Aromatico race Ligure, and 35 Feuille de Laitue

We have two new sowings of Coriander, the first of 35 pots and a further 70 this morning,a nd two more of flat leafted Parsley- with the long leaf parsley still soaking in the kitchen- we find a minimum of two days soaking of the seeds really aid both the speed of germination and the number of seeds which germinate.

New this year we have sown 18 pots of Mellisse, Lemon balm, and 18 pots of Carvi, Caraway.

The Sage Elegants is starting to regrow,and Caroline’s wonderful wild geraniums are pushing through as is the Mint Geranium, and the Verbena is positively kicking

And there is still two weeks to go

Too see our full range which should be available from the end of April and



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