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Wind Turbines in the Hautes Corbieres

Wind Turbines

Wind Farms have become rather a hot subject here in the Hautes Corbieres. EDF Energies Nouvelles ; working with a number of local Mayors, are working on a plan to install 30-40 wind turbines on four sites around Mouthoumet, Dernacueillette, Laroque-de-Fa, Davejean, Massac, Quintillan et Cascastel . There are also negotiations to add a wind […]

The decline of Maisons and the Hautes Corbieres

The economic decline of the Maisons and the Hautes Corbieres has been in progress for over a hundred and fifty years, the final nail in the traditional rural economy was the post War industrial boom, but the decline has deep roots back into the mid 19th century. Today the Aude now ranks as Metropolitan France’s […]

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