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Palairac Davejean – weekend of art and culture

This weekend, 19th-20th August, local artists have created two great events in Palairac and Davejean

A packed agenda of workshops, exhibitions, theater, discussions and, well, happenings have been organised in the two villages. Vrac A Art is based in Palairac, see the agenda below for a full list of the events. A bar and food is available, do not forget to bring your own plates, and cutlery or you will be eating with your fingers.

Rendez Vous Singuliers in Davejean is concentrating on 4 artists Bernard Alain Brux, Joêl Bast, Bob Morse, and Mark Lockett. For more details on the artists and the installations around Davejean check out the event website.

There will be a regular, and I think free navette between Palairac and Davejean. As well as the buvette and grill in Palairac there is a resto at Bob Morse’s place and there is a bar restaurant in Davejean. Appropriately called the Bar les 4 Arts it can be found at 2 avenue des Laroque de Fa, at the edge of Davejean on the back road over to Laroque de Fa. It is going to be a hot day but the Bar les 4 Arts has a swimming pool.


Hat off to all the artists and volunteers that have come together to make these two events work. To see all the hard work that has gone into organising this extraordinary weekend it gives hope that creativity can play a key role in the revival of the Hautes Corbieres.

Below is the agenda for Palairac and below a map and agenda for Davejean.



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