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Post Brexit Agricultural Subsidies

The post Brexit vote represents a golden opportunity to rethink the way that British agriculture is subsidised, in deed whether it should be subsidised at at all. The prevailing wind however seems to be business and handouts as usual. At the moment there are a number of key sectors that the government, of whichever colour, […]

Les Néo Paysants

  Les Néo Paysants, Gaspard d’Allens and Lucile Leclair Edition Seuil with Reporterre French agriculture is in plain crisis. The idyllic countryside so beloved by tourists and the French imagination is in most cases just that, an imaginary fantasy, a rosy glassed memory of a time past that in reality never existed. France remains […]

Estivale de la bio d’Olargues

Estivale de la bio d'Olargues

Estivale de la bio d’Olargues Lun 15 août 2016 OLARGUES Organisateur : CIVAM Bio 34 80 exposants (producteurs, transformateurs, artisans, associations) proposent de découvrir leurs produits : vins, fromages, viandes, miels, confitures, pains, huiles, fruits et légumes … Des exposants présentent aussi des vêtements, cosmétiques, huiles essentielles et parfums bio… 80 exhibitors (producers, processors, artisans, […]

Le TAFTA et les accords de libre echange


Le TAFTA et les accords de libre echange-une menace pour les paysans, citoyen-nes, la démocratie? The TransAtlantic trade agreements and free exchange agreementsè a treat to farmers, citizens and democracy? 20.30 Friday, 18th March, salles Louis Coste, 14 rue Blanquerie, Limoux. Speakers Jean Michel Ferrandini and Michel Deiss from the Collectif Stop TAFTA Organised by […]

Who owns the US organic market?

US organic mrket

Where the US corporations lead the rest of the world follows, the organic market is no different. The US organic market is the world’s leading organic market, in 2013 Statista estimated it at 24, 347 million Euros, as opposed to Europe’s largest organic market Germany 7,550 million Euros (See : Organically certified food is […]

Foire Plantes et Nature de Prades 2016

Foire Plantes et Nature de Prades, the Spring Prades plant festival has been announced for the 10th April. It is a really nice plant festival, usually with a bbq and bar/buvette. As well as plants there are usually a number of environmental / green associations, honey sellers, dried herb sellers (Please check out our new […]

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