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Organic Mints

Our Organic Mint selection is slowly growing, which given the wide variety of mints available means that we should have a complete range somewhere in the 23rd century.

Mints like a good rich soil, and they can be thirsty at key growing times- so a drip by drip watering system is a good idea. Here at the Domaine de Montrouch in the Corbieres we prefer a partially shaded location, firstly to protect the plants from the full afternoon sun and secondly to cut back on the amount of watering we have to do. Mints also have an invasive tendency so growing in containers is a good idea. We use half wine barrels and old Landrover tyres. Growing in a container makes lifting the plants each spring much easier, and also adding new compost material and soil at the base when replanting is a good idea each year.

Propagation can be done three ways, by cuttings in Spring, root cuttings in Autumn and by growing from seeds. The first two are way better than the third- firstly they are free and secondly mint cross pollinates, so seeds from one variety of mint can give you something completely different. Nice if you like surprises a pain if you are looking to replicate particular varieties.

The  classics

Spear Mint Mentha spicata 











Pepper Mint Mentha piperita

Pepper Mint

Pepper Mint











and now for something a little different


Chocolate Mint Mentha x piperita f. citrata `Chocolate`

Lemon Mint

Bergamot Mint

Morrocan Mint Mentha spicata `Moroccan`

Long Leaf Mint



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