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Montrouch Organic Plant Guides 2015

Bergamot Mint

Montrouch Organic Plant Guides 2015 are now online. I’ve split it into two this year, the spring vegetables for the garden are now in the Guide Plantes Potager Bio 2015 and the aromatic herbs are listed on the Guide Plantes Aromatiques Bio 2015 page

Check out the 13 varieties of organic basil we are growing this year and 9 types of mints we have now collected. The thyme selection is also slowly growing- no pun intended.

As always we can be found every Saturday in Perpigan market and Narbonne Organic market. From mid March we will return to the Lezignan Corbieres market- also check out this site for the foires and organic markets we will be at this year. We also take orders direct so do’t hesitate to contact us direct.

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