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Le TAFTA et les accords de libre echange

Le TAFTA et les accords de libre echange-une menace pour les paysans, citoyen-nes, la démocratie?

The TransAtlantic trade agreements and free exchange agreementsè a treat to farmers, citizens and democracy?

20.30 Friday, 18th March, salles Louis Coste, 14 rue Blanquerie, Limoux.

Speakers Jean Michel Ferrandini and Michel Deiss from the Collectif Stop TAFTA

Organised by the Confederation Paysanne Aude

The Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership currently being negociated between the EU and the US is a wide ranging free trade agreement covering, amongst other things, food safety law, environmental legislation, banking regulations and the sovereign powers of individual nations. There are very serious concerns about a lowering of health and food safety standards in Europe, the effective legalisation of organically modified organisms and the end to the European ban on a number of pesticides containing endocrine disrupting chemicals.  Wikipedia gives a good overview of the state of Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, with links to most pro and contra viewpoints. Personally I think the existing World Trade Organisation rules liberal enough for Trans Atlantic trade.


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