Montrouch Organic

July 2015

As I keep losing, misplacing my work book I thought I had better start putting online so I always know where it is. This probably won’t be exactly fascinating reading for anyone else

23rd July

Thym Serpolet- tried tip cuttings, clipping off long stems with roots, and separating plants- will see which is the best.

Carnations- Little Pinks, up potted the 12cm pots to medium sized black pots, hope they will be ready and in flower for Autumn.

Clipped back the Rau-Ram, Persicaria oderata,  mother plant and popped all the cuttings into Orgasyl usually close to 100% success rate if kept moist

Stock pulled out the dead plants and saved the seeds

Harvested the coriander seeds for planting in the Autumn.

Harvested the Anethe seeds for planting/ selling ? next year.

Harvested Roma and Miel de Mexique toms and Long Anglais cucumbers for lunch

24th July

Tied up Loch Ness brambles.

Finished re potting the Lavandin Grosso

More verbena cuttings

Thyme Serpolet, thymus serpyllum,  re potted finshed

More carnations up potted

Cars packed ready for markets

29th July

Up potted range of basils ands parsley

Carnations nearly finished

Separated out Salviae Elegans

Up potted Sauge Sclaree

Sorrel suffering in the sun, so moved to a more shady spot

Sage officinale planted up in the circle in kitchen garden



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