Montrouch Organic


JOURNEE DU PATRIMOINE, Maisons, 17th September. A day of celebration of the history, environment and culture of Maisons. There will be a number of local producers, artists ; potters, weavers, jewelry makers and a photography exhibition as well as a guided tour f the lake looking at the flora and fauna that grows and lives beside the water.JOUREE DU PATRIMOINE

There will be a light inexpensive three course lunch, grilled sausage, salad, cheese and desert all for a mere 5 euros, as well as a bar and freshly made crepes using the flour milled in Cucugnan, savoury and sweet buckwheat pancakes.Naturally we will be in Maisons along with our organic herbs, our neighbour Sevrine will also be there with her selection of herbs and flowers. We will both be in the old Maisons school yard; a nice shady spot. Feel free to drop by and have a chat, and a glass of something.

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