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The state of the organic markets and related politics

‘New Scientist’ Misinterprets Organic

In a recent article for New Scientist, Michael Le Page is wrong to tell people not to eat organic if they care about the planet. He misreads the evidence, which shows organic farming is generally the better choice, writes the Soil Association’s Tom MacMillan But he is also coming at this back to front. Models show […]

Soil degradation as big a threat to humanity as climate change

A new report published today by the Sustainable Food Trust to mark World Soil Day, explains why soil degradation is increasing and calls for it to be recognised alongside climate change, as one of the most pressing problems facing humanity. Soil degradation costs up to £7 trillion a year and poses a grave long-term threat […]

Les Néo Paysants

  Les Néo Paysants, Gaspard d’Allens and Lucile Leclair Edition Seuil with Reporterre French agriculture is in plain crisis. The idyllic countryside so beloved by tourists and the French imagination is in most cases just that, an imaginary fantasy, a rosy glassed memory of a time past that in reality never existed. France remains […]

Who owns the US organic market?

US organic mrket

Where the US corporations lead the rest of the world follows, the organic market is no different. The US organic market is the world’s leading organic market, in 2013 Statista estimated it at 24, 347 million Euros, as opposed to Europe’s largest organic market Germany 7,550 million Euros (See : Organically certified food is […]

Baldwin’s European Herb map

A bit of fun from Baldwins, London’s oldest herbalist- click on the map for an enlarged version   <div style=”clear:both”><a href=”” ><img src=”” title=”Baldwins European Herb Map” alt=”Baldwins European Herb Map” border=”0″ /></a></div><div>Courtesy of: <a href=”” ></a></div>     Baldwins website and blog

SOLIDARITE à activer !

Solidarité Paysanne de l’Aude nous a contactés pour récolter les ruches d’un jeune apiculteur, Damien Bernard,  qui a connu d’importantes contraintes d’installation et se retrouve aujourd’hui à l’hôpital pour un long moment. Nous nous retrouvons avec 400 kg de miel de très bonne qualité provenant de ruches installées sur des territoires sauvages en Ariège et […]

French Organic market

Organic Land France

The organic market in France is rising steadily, in 2013 it amounted to 4.38 billion euros up from 3.17 billion in 2012. (Source Agence bio) The UK organic market for 2014 in comparison is estimated by the Soil Association to be around 2.61 billion euros. More importantly from my perspective is that the local organic […]

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