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Life at the Domaine de Montrouch

Wind Turbines in the Hautes Corbieres

Wind Turbines

Wind Farms have become rather a hot subject here in the Hautes Corbieres. EDF Energies Nouvelles ; working with a number of local Mayors, are working on a plan to install 30-40 wind turbines on four sites around Mouthoumet, Dernacueillette, Laroque-de-Fa, Davejean, Massac, Quintillan et Cascastel . There are also negotiations to add a wind […]

Organic Certification Proving a negative

Organic Certification is a weird idea. In effect we organic producers, transformers and resellers have to pay an authorised Organic Certification Organisation to prove that we do not do things, we do not use organically modified organisms, we do not use synthetic chemicals, we do not feed our animals rubbish, we do not keep animals […]

Is it time to abolish Organic Certification Organisations?

organic certication

Organic Certification Organisations are strange things; not unpleasant, far from it, but strange nevertheless. Organic Certification Organisations are civil not state structures, it varies from country to country, some are charities, others companies, some associations. They all have one thing in common, their primary income is their clients, that is us organic producers, transformers and […]

Lagrasse Caveat venditor


“I cannot avoid the conviction that no innate tendency to progressive development exists” Charles Darwin, 1872 by Simon Pleasance, Ribaute, canton of Lagrasse The horse-borne traveller coming upon Lagrasse, a century ago, would halt astride the abrupt and draughty promontory called the Bouche au Cers , bulwark against tantrum gales. Before him, spanned by a […]

Perpignan market musing

perpignan market

  Perpignan market on a Saturday morning is a delightful place. It is in the beautiful  Place de la Republique, a large open square full of bars and restaurants. The stand holders are a mix of organic producers, organic bakers, honey makers, cheese makers and a bunch of vegetable, charcuterie, and cheese resellers, and of […]

The decline of Maisons and the Hautes Corbieres

The economic decline of the Maisons and the Hautes Corbieres has been in progress for over a hundred and fifty years, the final nail in the traditional rural economy was the post War industrial boom, but the decline has deep roots back into the mid 19th century. Today the Aude now ranks as Metropolitan France’s […]

Bears in the Ariège Pyrenees

Bears in the Ariege Pyrenees is an interesting, and balanced, history of the reintroduction of wild brown bears into the Haut Pyrenees by author Julia Stagg.It is well worth a read. My own thoughts on this have changed, initially I was generally in favour of  the re introduction of top range predators such as wolves […]

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