Journee Bio Corbieres

Journèe bio in Les Corbieres 7th June at the Domaine de Bonnafous. A great day out 100% organic. As usual we will be there selling our herbs and flowers. We are having a big picnic with all our friends behind our stand over lunchtime like lasy year, all are welcome- just bring some food, a plate and a glass and some small change to buy wine

Tesla batteries for solar system

Mayday, Mayday – Tesla’s battery just killed fossil and nuclear power

Interesting article from The Ecologist. Telsa new batteries, 7kWh and 10 kWh selling at under 4,000 USD could revolutionise off -grid power; Our system has 24 inline batteries and cost nearly 8,000 euro, and has a limited life. Hope they come to Europe soon.

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