Semaine Nationale des Alternatives aux Pesticides

Semaine Nationale des Alternatives aux Pesticides du 20 au 30 mars
Nature & Progrès Aude a choisi pour cette année de s’intéresser aux pratiques des jardiniers particuliers… les rendez-vous audois :

Formation Plantes Bio-indicatrices

 Formation Plantes Bio-indicatrices Nature et Progres 29th April
Initiation au diagnostic de sol par les plantes bio-indicatrices
Favourite template
Nature and Progress Aude have organised a training day in the 29th April- details below

Objectifs : Acquérir des techniques de productions
végétales par le diagnostic des sols.
Déroulé :
9h00 : Sur le terrain pour visualiser les différentes espèces et
établir un relevé botanique sur deux parcelles à étudier.
– Reconnaître les plantes bio-indicatrices significatives
– Comment faire un relevé et noter la diversité, la
concentration et les associations
12h30 : Pause repas partagé
14h00 :La méthodologie du diagnostic pour dresser un état
des lieux du sols ; Les plantes et leur facteurs révélateurs ;
Les pistes d’amélioration par les associations de plantes, les
amendements sélectifs ou la phytothérapie
Lieu : Canterate – 09600 MONTBEL chez Claude FRESSONNET
Intervenants : Moutsie, Guillaume Kédryna

Date limite d’inscription : 10 avril 2015
Tarifs : 20,00€ Agriculteur VIVEA
40,00€ Autres
Inscriptions : Nature & Progrès Aude
04 68 20 95 75

Pour info :
Les plantes bio-indicatrices sont des témoins pour apprécier l’état général des sols ou
l’impact des pratiques culturales. Cette évaluation permet de choisir l’emplacement et
l’organisation des productions, de définir les excès ou les carences dans la composition du sol.
Cette lecture sert à ajuster les traitements phytosanitaires, les amendements, la phytothérapie…
Ce diagnostic peu coûteux est une solution pour les agriculteurs bio qui respectent la
biodiversité et l’utilisent pour adapter leur pratique.
Nature & Progrès Aude met en place cette formation pour apporter des solutions dans le
cadre de la loi d’Avenir, du plan Ambition 2017 et du plan de réduction de l’utilisation des
pesticides pour une modification durable des pratiques et des systèmes de production
permettant de combiner performance économique et environnementale.
Nature & Progrès gère une mention (marque collective privée) qui garantit des produits sains,
de qualité, qui respectent le vivant par une approche globale, environnementale, énergétique et

Organic Plants in March

wtplants-150x150Judging by the plants, and not by the weather, it is mid March and Spring is finally showing signs of arriving here at Montrouch Organics. Even before the Spring Equinox on the 20th March when we finally get 12 hours of day light the plants are starting to establish themselves.



Open to the Sky

Organic TarragonLast week I noticed the pulled the organic Tarragon mother plants were beginning to regrow so they got gently to pieces and replanted- already they are shooting up – so no need for them to go down to the poly tunnel.

Bergamot Mint

The organic Pepper Mints, Moroccan Mints,  Spear Mints and Bergamot Mints all started appearing in the first week of March and now have all been re-potted into their final pot sizes and the work has begun on the separating out the mother plants. The Chocolate mint is showing signs of life as is the Mint Longifolia- a few more weeks of growth for them before they are ready for separating. The one mint that is a little slow is the Strawberry mint, but even that is showing signs of life.

The  sarriette  is bursting into life and the new mother plants I planted last November in the bank by the terrace are throwing out major shoots that need to be cut and dug up. The Lemon Thyme is starting to re-shoot in the garden, as is the hyssop. In a week or so they will be ready for taking cuttings.

In the Poly Tunnel 

springinthepolytunnelMarch arrived and suddenly everything started growing, in February we could count on the corianders germinating- they have been an all winter success-and we had a fair few Sages, Chives, and Parsley pushing through. The really cool result was the dill in February, while the camomile has been a bit patchy.


In February we planted our first organic tomatoes, a 140 Coeur de Boeff Rouge, 105 Marmande, 15 St Pierre, 15 Moneymakers, 105 Romas, and 105 Miel du Mexiques. We also put in 70 pots of  Basilic Genovese, 70 Basilic Thai 35 Basilic Marseillais, and some Syrian Marjolaine,  All have now germinated.

It is now the 18th March and so far this month we have planted in the Poly tunnel


TOMATE Andine Cornue70 Noir de Crimee, 170 Berner Rose, 70 Valencia, 100 Petite Coeur de Boeufs, 100 German Red Strawberry,100 St Pierre, 100 Andine Cornue and 100 Principe Bourghese.




106 Long Anglais, 82 Marketmores, and 35 Cornichon Petite Vert de Paris.


117 Black Beauty and 50 Vert du Milan


100 Tres Longes des Landes and 50 Doux d’Espagne


Graine bio BASILIC Rouge Osmin 70 pots of Frand Feuille, 35 Osmin Rouge, 35 Greeks, 70 Aromatico race Ligure, and 35 Feuille de Laitue

We have two new sowings of Coriander, the first of 35 pots and a further 70 this morning,a nd two more of flat leafted Parsley- with the long leaf parsley still soaking in the kitchen- we find a minimum of two days soaking of the seeds really aid both the speed of germination and the number of seeds which germinate.

New this year we have sown 18 pots of Mellisse, Lemon balm, and 18 pots of Carvi, Caraway.

The Sage Elegants is starting to regrow,and Caroline’s wonderful wild geraniums are pushing through as is the Mint Geranium, and the Verbena is positively kicking

And there is still two weeks to go

Too see our full range which should be available from the end of April and



Marche Paysan Laroque de Fa

Marche Paysan

The Marche Paysan on Friday evenings at Laroque de Fa will restart on the 15th May this year. It is a lovely social event that brings together local producers from the High Corbieres- food and drink are available. Come and spend a balmy evening with the local crew. For more information on the activities of our  Court Circuit en CorbieresAssociation see our website 

Perpiniere Burri- Tree Grafting

Burri Perpiniere Burri groups together three organic tree growers that specialise in heritage varieties of fruit and nut trees. The full catalogue of their range for sale can be found here They also organise training days- as well as the one listed in the poster they have two more for this year
- samedi 18 avril 2015: greffe en fente, en couronne, chip-budding et anglaise
– samedi 4 juillet 2015: greffe à l’oeil dormant.
For more information check out their website

Montrouch Organic Plant Guides 2015

Bergamot Mint

Montrouch Organic Plant Guides 2015 are now online. I’ve split it into two this year, the spring vegetables for the garden are now in the Guide Plantes Potager Bio 2015 and the aromatic herbs are listed on the Guide Plantes Aromatiques Bio 2015 page

Check out the 13 varieties of organic basil we are growing this year and 9 types of mints we have now collected. The thyme selection is also slowly growing- no pun intended.

As always we can be found every Saturday in Perpigan market and Narbonne Organic market. From mid March we will return to the Lezignan Corbieres market- also check out this site for the foires and organic markets we will be at this year. We also take orders direct so do’t hesitate to contact us direct.

Spring is just around the corner

Picture 036Spring this year officially starts on the 20th March when the vernal equinox occurs- some one however seems to have forgotten to tell our plants that. Yesterday I decided to prune back the dead stems on the tarragon only to find that pushing up form beneath them the new shoots had already started to push through- the mints, well the spear mint and pepper mint, Moroccan and long leafed mints are also starting to shoot.

Down in the poly tunnel the parsley, coriander, hairy sage and common sages are sprouting away.Caroline sowed 190 pots on Wednesday- Basil,  Marigolds, Polyvit Chives, Borage, Camomile, Valerian, and Lin de Narbonne.

The garden is also seeing signs of life, the snow drops are out, the sempervivum tectorum is starting to flower, the winter jasmine is in full bloom and so is the tercrium (See picture).

But we have had half a metre of snow in May, it usually snows the week after the ski stations close,so keeping our fingers crossed.


Snow on Canagou- Winter’s here



Woke this morning to a heavy dew, a frost on the field and a white cap on Canagou- Winter is definitely on it’s way. Here’s hoping for a good short and sharp one- not the non seasons we have had this year, no real Winter no Spring, a pathetic summer, followed by an Indian Summer. With no frosts the snails and slugs have had a field day, mosquitoes in February, and clouds of fruit flies everywhere. When we are in the heart of a good winter, trapped in by snow, with the pipes frozen and the fire barely able to cope with the wind it is sometimes hard to remember that Winter is an important and necessary part of the growing year. Frost kills diseases and limits pest, while short days means that annual herbs that in summer rush to flower in Summer have the space to grow to their full glory- Coriander and Parsley produce big bushes of delicious leaves. So it is goodbye to tomato, mozzarella, and basil salads, hello to chickpea tagines with fresh coriander garnish, curries, and parsely omelettes. Already had our first Tartiflette last week, and eat a lovely Beef Bourguignon at Mike and Paule’s yesterday- with all the physical work we do it is great to have absolutely no feelings of guilt as huge amounts of calories, and cholesterol get shovelled down. Roll on Winter- we are ready for you.


Foire elevage

ESPEZEL – La foire s’étend sur tout le village d’Espezel.

37ème Foire départementale de l’élevage et de la ruralité, concours régional d’animaux, marché gourmand, marché forain, fête foraine, vide grenier, animations diverses, repas du terroir.

Ovins, bovins et chevaux lourds; volailles et porcins; sécurité routière MSA, matériel agricole et véhicules, sabotière à vapeur, énergies renouvelables, filière bois énergie, exposition de voitures anciennes, sculptures à la tronçonneuse, associations du Pays de Sault, village des producteurs de l’Aude marque Pays Cathare.

Animations : manipulation bétail, chien de berger avec les brebis, traction animale…

Foire traditionnelle, forains, vide grenier…